Bugs get a bad rap. Sure, they're creepy, crawling, and a little bit gross.

But so are a lot of other animals we keep as pets. At least most of these gorgeous bugs don't smell as bad as a guinea pig. 

Caterpillars Can Be Fuzzy Too

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This Swallowtail Papilio Is As Cute As A Kitten

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Buzzing Bees Are Entirely Adorable

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This Blue Morpho Is Entirely Incandescent

Vyacheslav Oseledko/AFP/Getty Images

You Know You Want To Give This Fluffy Soldier Fly A Scratch

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You'd Totally Watch A Video Of This Eastern Tiger Caterpillar

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Or Send Memes Of This Snail Adorably Struggling Along

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Bees Are Pets That Can Make You Honey

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The Brown Argus Is The Best Of Both Worlds: A Pettable Fuzzy Butterfly

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Peeping Ladybirds Are Better Than Corgis Anyday

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(Seriously, corgi's can barely even walk).

Dragonflies Are The Prettiest Things With Wings

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Emperor Gum Moth's Are Like Tiny Majestic Dragons

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Monarchs Are The Gorgeous Kings Of The Insect World

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Brimstone Butterflies Come With Their Own Cool Camouflage

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The Halloween Pennant Is Edgier Than A Geiger Painting

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Dragonfly Muzzles Are Way More Awesome Than Pug Jowels Anyday

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Because: jowels.

The Green Cricket Will Chirp Your Pet Bird Under The Table

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The Tomato Hornworm Will Hook Itself Into Your Heart

Aaron Ansarov/Aurora/Getty Images

And not in a creepy way.

The Guttata Beetle Is Entirely Glorious

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A Wild Bamboo Page Butterfly Is Way Cooler Than A Pet Snake

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Grasshoppers Are Stunningly Out Of The Ordinary

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The Spicebush Caterpillar Is Something Out Of Dr. Seuss

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Mosquitos Like To Suck Your Blood, But That Doesn't Mean They Arent Cute Close Up

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How Can You Say No To This Wasp Face?

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Let him have whatever he wants in your yard.

The Man Face Beetle Is Totally Endearing

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The Damselfly Is Bizarrely Hypnotic

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This Dragonfly Closeup Is Totally Winsome

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The Winged Fly Is More Curious Than A Cat

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Okay, and admittedly, more irritating than a cat.

Weaver Ants Are Super Enchanting

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Don't Go—Don't You Want To Be Friends With This Mantis?

Ilya Postnikov/Hemera/Getty Images

You're safe. He already ate and everything.