Delivery service today is much more than pizza and Chinese takeout. Here are 9 things you can get dropped off at your front door that we bet you didn't know about.

A Box Of Goodies For Your Period

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Bonjour Jolie is a subscription service that specializes in making their customers' time of the month a more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Just tell them a little bit about you and your cycle, choose up to 25 items, ranging from tampons and pads to luxury bath and body products to fine chocolates, and they package it all up in a neat box.

Razors For Shaving

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Dollar Shave Club lets you try out different razors for your facial hair shaving pleasure. Depending on what package you sign up for, you can also get things like shaving cream and moisturizing aftershave sent to you as well.

Your Laundry

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With the Washio app, schedule your laundry and dry cleaning for pickup and delivery. Currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., the company plans to expand into other major U.S. cities.

High-Fashion Shoes

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ShoeDazzle pairs you with a personal stylist to find out which luxury shoes and brands best match your style and needs.

Gourmet Bacon

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BaconFreak's Bacon of the Month club will send its members different flavors of gourmet bacon. It's enough to make any bacon enthusiast's mouth water from all the porcine perfection. 

Sex Toys And Lingerie

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Subscription services like BlushBox will send you sexy, naughty accouterments for you and your partner to use every month. 


L. International

L. promises customers freaky fast delivery (under 1 hour) of their favorite brand of condoms to your door if you live in San Francisco or Manhattan. For every condom purchased, another one is donated to a country in need of stopping HIV transmission.


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Apps like the Los Angeles-serving Saucey make it easy to get your fave brands of liquor and beer delivered right to you. Especially handy during big get-togethers when the free-flowing booze has suddenly run dry.


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Marijuana users in Seattle and Denver will soon have access to pot delivery via a soon-to-launch app. Canary promises to partner with a wide variety of dispensaries to supply a large selection of pot strains. The app will keep users' credit cards on file, removing the sketchiness of having to pay a dealer.