After awhile, most of use get used to the creepy-crawly denizens of our backyards.

But you really shouldn't. You never know when one of these terrifying invasions might occur. So be careful. And guard your ears. 

A Leech In Your Nose


This young Scottish lass came home from a backpacking trip to South East Asia with a special souvenir: a growing leech in her nose.

By the time she realized that funny feeling and odd nose bleeds were being caused by a living thing curled up in her nostril, it had grown to three inches long. Presumably it crawled up in there when it was mere centimeters in length, probably gaining access while she was swimming. If she hadn't noticed it when she did, the doctor's say it would have gone into her brain and killed her.

A Cricket In Your Ear

Daily Mail

A man in Tamil Nadu, India went into the doctor because there was a strange itching in his ear.

The doctor's found that this Indian house cricket had burrowed in there, seeking shelter during the day. They removed it with a pair of tweezers, its spiny legs kicking the whole time. There's a video of the extraction and it's terrifying. You've been warned.

A Moth In Your Ear

Daily Mail

A British marketing manager spent three days with this moth buzzing inside his inner ear.

If flew in while he was quietly reading at home in bed. And didn't come out until he went into the hospital and they surgically removed the living creature from just outside his brain.

A Cockroach In Your Ear

Cosmo News

An Australian man woke up one morning with his ear absolutely aching in pain. Fearing one of his country's poisonous spiders had crawled in, he tried to suck it out with a vacuum. But to no avail.

He went in the hospital to have them investigate to discover it wasn't a spider, just a massive cockroach that had crawled in. Lucky him.

A Fly In Your Arm

Youtube/John Kravis

This gentleman was minding his own business on an African beach when he was bitten by an African fly.

Within four days, his arm was completely immobilized and chock full of larvae. Once bitten by an African fly, treatment, and disinfectant needs to happen within ten days or else you're toast.

A Botfly In Your Scalp

National Geographic

After a fun filled trip to Belize, this young woman returned home with more than just a hangover. Botfly larvae had burrowed into her scalp.

Botfly's can take up any bit of flesh and nestle underneath it, consuming the flesh they encounter until their big enough to fly out on their own, ready to lay eggs on other people's unsuspecting flesh. Aside from the pain, they're usually noticed because they leave a visible air hole out to the surface. Covering the air hole is the only way to lure the botfly larvae out enough to painfully tweeze out the rest of him. Talk about ouch.

Ticks In Your Everywhere

Loba Outdoors

Oh, that new mole you got yesterday when you went hiking? It's not a mole or a sunspot or a freckle. It's a tick.

And if you don't be more careful on your hiking adventures (use insect repellent, shower as soon as you get back, inspect yourself), you can totally get lyme disease from them. And that lasts almost forever.

An Eel Up Your What?

The Controversial Files

There are several international horror stories of an eel sliming its way accidentally and on purpose up a gentleman's anus or penis urethra. (Yes, I know, not a bug, but still so scary).

In the case of the East Asian man who took it up the rear and the unrelated 12 year old boy in India who had one go up the front, they went to the hospital and had them removed ASAP. Likewise, the poor gentleman who was having an eel spa bath at a high brown London respite and had one head up his front got immediate treatment. But sadly, the poor man in China whose friend's played a cruel prank on him in 2010 did not seek emergency treatment because he didn't know what was up his you know what. He and the eel both died.

A Worm In Your Eye


The Loa loa filariasis eye worm can grow to be longer than a snake.

A few years ago, an 85 year old man in India went in and doctor's discovered a 19 centimeter long worm coiled in his eye. There's some dodgy medication to eradicate it (and the larvae it almost immediately lays in your eye), but the preferred extraction method is to numb the eye, make a small incision and pull the worm out. While you're awake.