Whether you're traveling over the river and through the woods to grandma's house for the holidays, or you and your friends want to see how far your old jalopy will take you on the open, cross-country road, these lifehacks will turn any long, extended period of time driving into the best (and most convenient) road trip you've ever taken in your life.

Wesbites/Apps Like FuelMyRoute Will Help You Save A Ton Of Money


Just plug in your planned route and the app notifies you of the gas stations with the lowest prices along the entire way. Very useful if you're taking on the road while staying within a budget.

A Muffin Tray + A Laundry Basket = Mega Cup Holder


A lot of people traveling with you on your road trip? Too many drive-thru drinks and not enough cup holders in your car? A muffin tray and a laundry basket can fix all that. 

Use Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers In Your Car To Keep Organized


They're not just for shoes, and they're not just for the house. They eliminate virtually any clutter that accumulates during long road trips.

A Rubber Band Makes A Great, Cheap Phone Holder


Just loop it through one of your AC vents and you're all set. Allows perfect access to jam to your music library during a long trip.

An Old Car's Ashtray Can Be Converted Into An iPhone Dock


Allows for less cord clutter during your road trips. Instructions here.

Use A Small, Twin Air Mattress In The Back Seat For Added Comfort


Fairly cheap and easy to pull off. You and your road trip buddies can even take shifts sleeping comfortably in the back seat while the others drive. Saves so much time usually wasted on taking extended pit stops.

A Cereal Container Can Become A Convenient Car-Sized Trash Can


Again, another perfect way to reduce gross clutter during long trips. And with minimal effort, glue, and fabric/wrapper, the car trash can even be stylish. Instructions here.

A Shower Caddy Makes A Great Fast Food Holder


Because a mess in your car during a long trip is not a fun time.

Exit Sign Tip


The position of the exit sign tells you which side of the freeway the exit is on (left or right). With this bit of knowledge, you'll be less likely to miss your exit. Saves time and frustration.

Fabric Softener Sheets Are Much More Effective Than Air Fresheners


They last longer, are much cheaper, and come in wider variety of scents. After all, a long road trip can take a toll on the freshness of your automobile.

Use An Old Candy Or Mint Container To Store Loose Change


Mini M&M containers are perfect. 

Use A Magnetic Key Holder To Store A Spare Car Key


They can easily be installed in a secure place (like under the car), so just in case you misplace your car key, your entire road trip won't be derailed.

Just Like Snacks, An Emergency Car Kit Is A VITAL NECESSITY


You'll never know what can happen when you're driving for hundreds or thousands of miles.

Download As Many Fun Games And Apps As You Can


Long road trips can be absolutely mind-numbing, so make sure you're at least entertained while on the way to your destination.

Make A Ton Of Mix CDs


Save Your Phone/iPod's battery life and listen to music the way it was always meant to be listened to, on a physical disc. Burn a few volumes of old-but-good hits so you can take a trip down memory lane while you're making a trip across the country. 

The Ultimate Road Trip Hack


Buy a busted, old bus and renovate the inside comfortably to however you guys see fit. Take it on the open road, and ride in style. The possibilities are endless, and the memories you make will last you a lifetime.