Heidi Williams, a woman of great strength, has recently gone viral for a very important reason. Having suffered from mental illness herself, she turned to yoga as a form of meditation. In her quest to find inner peace and to eradicate the dreadful symptoms of PTDS, anxiety and major depression, she managed to encourage and inspire thousands, if not millions, of other sufferers of mental illness. She does this through her yoga images and powerful captions on Instagram. See 10 images along with her own words, here. 

My Darkest Days


"4 years ago, I experienced my first PTSD attack.

2.5 years ago, I found myself in the middle of a painful love affair.

2 years ago my best friend stopped talking to me.

During my darkest days I needed desperately to know 2 things:

1. I am not alone

2. I am worthy of love and allowed to take care of myself.

That is what tonight's party is all about.

For those who are stressed.

For those who are depressed

For those who have anxiety

For those who are depleted

For those who are tired

For those who just need space to breathe.

Let me bring you relief.

Let me bring you joy.

Let me bring you peace.

Let me bring you life.

Let me bring you vitality.

Let me bring you space to breathe and just be yourself."



"When things don't go according to plan, my favorite mantra is "THE UNIVERSE MUST HAVE SOMETHING BETTER IN MIND." Trusting in God's timing can be terrifying and irritating at first, but if you can lean into the fear and let your true self guide, you will be left in shock, then awe, then gratitude as the universe re-aligns things in the most beautiful and complete way.

This week has proved this idea over and over again, as I have had to pause everything I was doing INCLUDING THE 7 DAY EMOTIONAL CLEANSE, to be able to breathe and get everyone's needs met.

I watched from the sidelines as people inside the support group lifted each other and came to each others aid while i was drowning in emails and messages and wasn't able to be there.

It has been the most gratifying and re-affirming experience that this wold if full of beauty, compassion, love and light- especially in the darkest of places.

We must remember that our 'darkness doesn't DESTROY our light- it DEFINES it.'- Brene brown.

It is often in the darkest of places that our light shines the best.

Keep shining!! - join us in the support group if you want to re-discover your own light."

You Are Allowed


"you are allowed to have shitty days.

you are allowed to not be #onfleek

you are allowed to cry and scream and curse if you want

you are allowed to not know whats wrong

you are allowed to give up every once in a while and just breath

In a world where we are being told on a regular basis

what we need to do, who we need to be, how we need to choose, what we need to eat,

we don't leave room for just breathing. Just being. just hearing. just Feeling.

honor yourself and what you crave,

because being yourself is truly brave."

Come This Far


"You didn't come this far... only to come this far.

That sentence hit home SO hard today.

Currently being asked to face emotional baggage, fears, and obstacles that when surveyed, calculate out to require more than I will EVER be capable of. More than ANYONE is capable of.

I think that's my favorite part of being a creation of a divine being... when you are called to do something impossible... You get to watch as your creator empowers you, strengthens you, and works magic all around you to move massive mountains and conjure up the most miraculous results that leave your eyes streaming tears and your heart bursting with unbelievable amounts of love, gratitude and awe.

I've experienced this magical phenomenon twice that I can recall in the last 3 years.

The first was the night silas died. And was brought back to life.

The second was after my marriage was left in shambles due to a love affair and we decided to try again.

So today I am breathing. And praying.

Because I know that God, the universe, and all things magical have my back."

Learning To Love


"here is an idea that i see everywhere. An idea that seems to offer THE formula for a happy life.

The idea is this: Your thoughts create your reality. Positive thoughts= Positive experiences. Negative= negative. So choose happy abundant thoughts and you will live a happy abundant life.

So let me ask you...How do you quantifying something as a "negative" or "positive" experience?

And can you ever really separate experiences from one another?

When I watched as Silas's body went limp, turned blue and stopped breathing, I would have put that down as the most negative experience i had ever had in my life.

But the fact is, that experience didn't end that night. It continued on and slowly became apart of every experience i had after that.

Some of the most terrifying and scarring moments as well as the most beautiful, sacred and miraculous life changes have resulted because that experience still lives inside of me.

This experience woke me up from the trance-like robotic life i was living. It made me FEEL. It completely stripped me of the feeble substance I was made of and burned it to the ground. And then it empowered me to dig deep and find my truth and my strength. It taught me how to love and how to live.

So tell me... Did this experience come from positive or negative thinking?

Or can I offer a 3rd option? That maybe not everything is black or white.

That the sheer idea of capturing such an extraordinary experience and cutting it out of life in order to safely and simply label it "positive" or "negative" is absolutely ASININE. That perhaps life is less about the happy and sad moments and more about learning to love. "

The World Needs Your Light


"This world needs your love. This world needs your light.

At times we may be tempted to say "I have a reason not to shine right now. I have a reason to withhold love for those who withhold it themselves." Every action is either love or a call for love.

Let's teach the world what it looks like to truly LOVE ONE ANOTHER!"

Near The Top


"It isn't until about 2/3 of the way up the mountain that the clouds and fog appear. Making the path feel menacing and hard to see.

This isn't necessarily a sign to give up and turn around.

It's an opportunity to rely on your guide.

To get familiar with their voice, their touch.

It's a chance to realize where you are at- you are near the top.

To know that your goal, your peak, your view of all your hard work is literally around the corner.

And that your guide will lead you through the mist to your dream.

So it is with with the mental emotional and spiritual mountains we are climbing.

Learning to hear and trust the voice of your inner guide is essential for mountain climbing.

And if you do, you can be assured that on the other side of that darkness is the most brilliant and breath taking view you have ever laid your eyes on.

Keep going. Keep trusting. And let your inner voice guide you to your paradise."

Femininity Is Creativity


"'The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression.' -stuart Brown

The problem us women face is not that we just aren't in touch with our feminine side.

It's that we reject it all together.

We somehow believe that being feminine equates to being weak. Or submissive.

We don't own our feminine power because we simply don't believe it is power.

But in a world where the Feminine is dishonored And nearly shamed, do we truly understand what it is?

Femininity is creativity.

It's DIVINE creativity. It's the inward flow of energy, inspiration, ideas and thoughts.

When we are balanced in our feminine energy, we are intuitive, playful and concious. We are nurturing to ourselves and others. We own our Femininity and we not only understand our power, but we use it to enrich our world.

When we are unbalanced in our feminine energy, we feel stifled, depressed, anxious, exhausted, and disconnected. Like somehow we have lost ourselves in the process of surviving life.

But we weren't meant to survive. We were meant to thrive. We were meant to laugh, and play, and create.

Every. Single. Day. It's our divine nature as women."



"My stomach isn't perfect.

I have bags under my eyes.

My feet are dirty.




Not only is perfectionism a serial killer of happiness, it's also exhausting.

Don't waste your time missing out on how beautiful you ALREADY are!

I love you. You love you. The entire universe loves you. And you are enough. Always."



"Sometimes you need to look back in order to move forward.

Seeing your progress validates your effort and your struggle.

Some of you know that 2 years ago, my marriage blew up. My husband was in love with another girl, and I ended up cheating on him as well.

Fast forward to today. Not only have we healed the deep wounds that caused the affair, but we have developed a deep magical love that leaves both of us wondering how in the world we got so lucky. But its not luck. Its learned.... "

Heidi's Support Group


To read more about Heidi and her private support group for healing, find her on Facebook, Instagram, or send her an email on heidiwilliams89@gmail.com.