Women always find ways to show you they're interested either through conscious or unconscious signals. So for all you guys out there that are stressing over whether a girl is attracted to you or not, here are some signs that show she SO CLEARLY IS!

The Position Of Her Body

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It's all about the way she positions her body when you two are together. If she's facing you, it means she's so into you. If she's not, then she's got other things on her mind.

Eye Contact

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Human attraction begins with eye contact. If she's staring at you intently for three seconds then you're in luck. If you catch her pupils dilating during that brief period, that's even better.

She Blushes

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If she's attracted to you, her body temperature will rise and so will her stress level. This will cause her cheeks or face to blush, which is a powerful indication that she wants you.

She's Engaging

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If she's asking you questions about your life, your family, and your job then she's clearly interested and wants to know more. If she's over it, then you'll notice she won't try to find out about your life, she'll simply act distant.

Physical Contact

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If she's a serial hugger, happens to put a hand on your shoulder, or touches your arm while you two are having a conversation, she's vibing you.

She's Into The Things You Love

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You suddenly realize that she's talking about the NBA, Luke Skywalker, or Romulans because she knows you're so into it that she decided to familiarize herself with the things you love. Now that's dedication.

She Introduces You To Her BFFs

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She likes you. So now she obviously wants to see how you get along with the people she spends a lot of time with too... her best friends. Just don't fudge it up because a BFF's opinion can sink ships.

She'll Do Anything To Hang With You

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Even if that means using public transportation. When she shows you that she's willing to take a subway, a bus or even spend money on a cab to see you, she's invested in you.

She Stays Close So You'd Kiss Her

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Pay attention to personal space and how much of it she invades when you're together. It may be a sign that she's trying to push her body and lips forward as a way to get you to kiss her.

She Never Reschedules

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It's okay to reschedule once in a while. Stuff happens that can't be avoided. But if for the most part, she's good about not canceling all the time, it proves to you that you're her top priority.

She Doesn't Use Her Phone

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It might seem like a small gesture, but when she chooses face-to-face contact and avoids answering her phone or checking social media, it shows you that you're more important to her.

She Remembers

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If during a conversation, she recalls something you told her earlier on the date or on a previous date, then chances are, she likes you. It's a really good sign that she's been paying attention to you because she cares.

She Texts You Back

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It's okay if she doesn't text you back right away all the time, but if she does it more often than not, it shows that she's into you. It's pretty obvious!

She's With You When You're Not There

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She finds a way to communicate with you even when you're busy or not physically there. She might send up texts or messages on social media to keep the conversation alive.

She Stalks You

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On social media, that is! If she's interested in you, she'll try to find everything there is to find about you. Your likes, dislikes, what you did last summer, who you dated in the past, how you talk to your friends online and what kind of things you post. If she likes a post from 2013, you know she's been digging hard.

She'll Try To Find Out If You're Into Her

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Some women need to know if the man they're into is into them as well, so they'll be sexually forward, lick their lips and display their necks. That way they try to get the guy to make a move on them. If he doesn't, she might pull away.

She'll Mimic You

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Mirroring is a sales technique that calls for one person to imitate the other in order to gain their trust and the very same can be applied when trying to hook up. Studies show that there's a tendency for two people to move in sync when there's attraction.