Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the United States. More than half of all pizzas made are served up with this topping. But outside America, pizza doesn't even look like pizza anymore. See all the strange toppings that are put on pizzas around the world. 


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Green peas are one of the most popular toppings in Brazil, where pizza is served with a thin crust and a thin layer of sauce. Quail eggs, carrots, beets, and raisins are also popular on Brazilian pizzas.



Australians are well-known for their odd eating habits, and pizza is no exception. Their pizzas are commonly covered with barbeque sauce and topped with meats like crocodile, emu, and kangaroo. This kangaroo pizza is an example of an Aussie pie.


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Though you’ll find it all around the world, fried egg pizza is most common in France. The egg is served yolk up. Sometimes it’s baked on top of the pizza, and sometimes it’s fried separately to be added later. Either way, it’s a fried egg pizza.


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In India, it’s common to eat mutton (sheep) on your pizza, along with pickled ginger. 


In Russia, mockba is a popular pizza. It’s covered with mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon, and onions. Even better: the pizza is served cold. 


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Canned tuna is a popular pizza topping in Germany. It can stand alone, but it’s commonly mixed with vegetables and other toppings.


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Order a mayo jaga in Japan, and you’re going to get a pizza with mayonnaise, bacon, corn, potatoes, and onion. It’s so popular, you can order it from Domino’s. 


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In Palestine, pizza is spicy. Chicken, pine nuts, and olive oil are covered with cinnamon and allspice in one popular pie.


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Hot dog pizza crust is popular in China. The pizza itself is topped with shrimp and mayonnaise.

Costa Rica

Coconut and shrimp are favorite pizza toppings in Costa Rica.