Satanic Panic wasn’t limited to the 1980s. Looking back, pretty much anything people didn’t understand would be accused of having diabolical origins. From Dungeons and Dragons and musical instruments to forks, telephones, and soccer (yes soccer), Satan has been credited with the creation of many things throughout history. 


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In ancient Greece, fork-like utensil were used for carving meat, but the use of actual forks as eating utensils didn’t show up in the Middle East until the 7th century and minds were literally blown. They are a little intimidating, mini pitchforks for mini devils…why would anyone want to put that in their mouth? People all over the world viewed forks as a demonic invention. Food was a gift from God a tool of the devil shouldn’t be tainting it.

In 11th-century Italy, a Byzantine princess broke out her gold forks to eat, the people were actually scared and became suspicious of her. When she died from the plague, people actually believed it was God punishing her using a fork to eat.

Musical Instruments

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The 1980s Satanic panic craze called out heavy metal, but music was criticized long before the musicians wore all black and pentagrams for shock-value. There is a deep-rooted belief in Islamic tradition that all musical instruments were invented by Satan. According to the lore, Lucifer was jealous of Da’ud (biblical David) because of his beautiful singing voice, so he tried to outdo his natural talents with the use of instruments. They believe music can corrupt faith and cause madness.

There’s a Syrian belief that the flute, lute, and tambourine were created by the daughters of Cain to celebrate the death of Abel. Within the Christian faith, the book of Ezekiel states that Lucifer was in charge of music in Heaven before his fall from grace. It’s believed he retained his skills and can corrupt through music.

The Smurfs

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In the 1980s, the Jehovah’s Witnesses decided the Smurfs (along with practically every cartoon ever made) were all somehow satanic. In 2008, rumors spread on the Internet that a possessed Smurf doll actually bit a child. As recently as 2011, televangelist Dorothy Spaulding continued to spread the idea that these tiny blue creatures were Satan-worshipping demons. She told a story about a child who couldn’t sleep until their room was “cleansed” of all Smurf-related paraphernalia and anointed with holy oil.

Dungeons And Dragons

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In Dungeons and Dragons, players engage in role-playing; creating characters, battling monsters and demons in a magical realm. The game was invented by Gary Gygax and came with a book and dice, the rest was left to the imagination. So clearly, Satan was behind the whole thing and the Christian masses were not falling for it.

All it took was for a crime scene to have a D&D book on the premises for the media to start labeling the game as the root of all evil. The game succeeded in getting more than just its player's imaginations working in overdrive, even parents who confiscated their kid’s copy and burned it, swore they heard hellish screams radiating from the flames.

The Peace Sign

Clearly many people missed the point of the peace sign, despite its purpose being right in its name. Somehow, some creative, but clearly paranoid Christian crusaders broke down the symbol—literally and swore it was actually an “upside down and broken cross.” Well yeah, when you treat it like Legos, deconstruct its intended form and reconstruct it the way you want to see it, that’s what it becomes. It would be interesting to see their results on a Rorschach test.

The Cross

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Oddly enough, for some Christians, even the cross is a symbol of the devil. Now, it does seem kind of morbid when you think about the fact that Jesus died on the cross and now his followers wear one in his honor. The logic is to recognize the sacrifice he made for the sins of man and appreciate that sacrifice. Okay, maybe that’s not so bad. That, however, is not the reason the followers of the Church of the Great God think the cross is merely a trick of the devil to get people to dawn pagan symbols and worship false idols. Their reasoning is far more convoluted than that—naturally.

Apparently, the Babylonian nature god “Tammuz” is represented by the letter “T,” yes a capital “T” but a lowercase “t” looks kind of like a cross so clearly this is all another scheme of Satan’s. Since the cross wasn’t known as a symbol of Christianity prior to Emperor Constantine, that would suggest his vision on the battlefield actually came from Satan, not God. Furthermore, believers of this theory go on to point out that there were two methods of crucifixion and the bible never specifies which was used in Christ’s crucifixion, people just assumed it was the most common method.

The Telephone

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The telephone has been described as an invention of the devil by many, especially preachers and clergymen. The rural population of Sweden thought this magical contraption would draw evil spirits to their homes and that the wires may cause them to be struck by lightning.

Farmers would even go out and pull down all the phone lines in their area, the city could save their "Satan wires" for the wicked, they weren't have any of it in their neck of the woods. The Amish also agreed the telephone was evil, separation from the sinful outside world is a part of their moral code and this evil contraption was a way for Satan to sneak on into their homes.


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According to evangelist Evang Funmilayo Adebayo, soccer is an invention of the devil and the Soccer Museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil is the temple of false idol worship. She goes on to say, mankind was meant to remain divided after attempting to reach Heaven with the Tower of Babel and God confused their languages and separated them. Soccer unites cultures that she feels should remain apart, and drives them to idolize players.

Now, sports fan can be a bit extreme, with all the face painting and chanting, but to go so far as to say soccer is an integral part of the government’s plan to create a new world order and bring forth the Antichrist—no really. She goes on to say the sport encourages sins such as gambling, swearing, alcohol abuse, and somehow homosexuality and animal sacrifice.


This one isn’t much of a shock, Disney is one of the largest corporations in the world, generating billions seemingly overnight while crushing literally all competition. Then there was that whole creepy rumor about their creators head being kept on ice, even though his family swore he was cremated and they have the ashes to prove it... as if anyone could tell ashes apart.

Disney has also been accused of slipping subliminal messages and hidden sexual images into their animations since… well since the beginning of Disney. Another claim leading an alarmingly large amount of people to believe satanic forces are at work here, are the numbers 666 appearing not only in their films but also in Walt Disney’s overly loopy signature. Coincidence? Many think not…


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Science had contradicted scripture many times and because of that, it has, in the past, been denounced as the devil’s work. It wasn’t just evolutionary science, scientists of all branches of have literally been accused of being nothing more than liars, blasphemers, and sons of Satan. Galileo used the telescope to study the sky, which was a sin in its own right according to the church. Representatives from the church refused to even look through it because they claimed it was a tool of Satan. But when Galileo expressed his belief that the earth was not, in fact, the center of the universe and that it revolved around the sun, that was the last straw. Instead of examining his evidence, he was convicted of heresy in 1633, his published works were prohibited, and he spent the rest of his life under house arrest.