Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko is one of a kind. She combines baking with architecture to create food that's experimental and gorgeous, not to mention delicious. Check out these mouth-watering treats!

Meet Dinara

At 27, she's already turning heads with her incredible structurally delicious and mouthwatering desserts. Plus, three years of working as a photographer means this IG is off the hook!

Pyramid Of Pleasure

These cake shapes are truly one of a kind. We dig the spiral!

Inside The Great Pyramid

Look, there were Great Pyramids of Giza, and now there are great pyramids of coconut mousse, too. Life is pretty great!

Raspberry Sponge Cake

This looks like a physics model, but one we would eat in a heartbeat.

Chocolate Mousse Dream

A dream indeed...

Lime Mousse And Marshmallow

Lime mousse and marshmallow sounds like s'mores gone wild; s'mores gone wildly fantastic, that is! The texture on her concoctions is worth discussing as well as the composition: typically, a fondant glaze gives cakes and pastries a smooth gloss, but this has a definite roughened-texture that is very enticing.

A Cake With Principles

This cake is based on the triangulation principle. All the geometric shapes are so carefully planned; it's no wonder Kasko has been featured in So Good magazine.

3D Modeling

Kasko even did 3D modeling in order to plan out the top of this lime cake. Her use of mousse as a flexible interior composition adds to the effortlessly charming effect.

Bubbles Exotic Fruit

This gorgeous cake is an example of biomimicry. Does that mean it's as thought about visually as it is scrumptious? Why yes, yes it does. (Biomimicry also means when human made structures imitate forms and solutions of the natural world, but in this cake instance, same thing).

How It's Done

The secret here involves a 3D printer used to create the silicon mold that will shape the mousse and cake into the form Dinara wants to evoke. It's complex, futuristic, and shows why she's on the cutting edge of pastry.

Concrete Examples

This hearty charcoal-esque cake is actually so much chocolate it'd make your head spin! Imagine it now: biting into a blend of "Chocolate sponge cake, streusel with nuts, mousse with chocolate Valrhona Caramelia, ganache with Caramelia and yuzu, jelly with yuzu and passion fruit." So many different flavors coming together happily.

Not Your Typical Cone

This cone is an incredible creation from Dinara using her molds and what she calls "Geometry Shape #4." Hard outside, soft and delicious inside? Sounds like a win to us!

The Future Is Delicious

We can't decide if it's more a futuristic element or an undersea aquatic creature. Either way, we would love to take it for a taste test spin!

Bavarian Cream FTW

This cake seems the most clearly derived from architectural principles. It's as if we're seeing a mod building from the 1950s, but better—an edible one!

Brownie Cake? Yes, Friends.

We are sorry, you can't eat your monitor. We know! We want to, too. Great job, Dinara! Keep these delicious experiments coming!