It's one thing to appreciate a fine work of art when the lights are on, but something incredible happens when this artist's paintings begin magically glowing in the dark.

Photo Shoot Ready Artist

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At first glance, Cristoforo Scorpiniti looks as if he stepped right out of fashion magazine, but the Italian artist has established himself in the art world with his unique paintings.

Glow In The Dark

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What's captivating about Scorpiniti's pieces are that they aren't appreciated to their fullest potential until it's lights out.

Pricey Pieces


Scorpiniti sells his paintings on Etsy where his smaller artwork goes for around $100, while his larger pieces sell for $1,500.

Light Artist

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He's known as the artist who "paints light," but the end result is achieved by integrating glow in the dark paint. While the normal versions of the paintings are sweet and soft, the glowing versions cast an eerie, mesmerizing brilliance.

More Buck For Your Bang

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If one thinks about it, buying a painting from Scorpiniti is like getting a two for one deal on gorgeous landscapes or stunning animals.

Special Requests

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Scorpiniti works with custom orders as well, so if there's an extraordinary idea that a customer has, he makes sure he takes dreams and puts them on canvas.

A Different Life

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Believe it or not, before Scorpiniti dove head first into illuminating art, he had a lucrative career in real estate but decided to explore new artistic avenues instead.

Take Your Time

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It would be easy to buy a Crisco Art painting and immediately shut the lights off in order to appreciate the hypnotizing radiance, but the best way to appreciate it is over time.

A Setting Sun

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Watching these paintings transform as day moves to night is unlike anything else that you'll ever see and will play tricks with your mind as colors blend and change. Make sure to visit Scorpiniti's Etsy page to stay updated with new projects!