The IPP Awards is a competition that is open worldwide to photographers using an iPhone or an iPad. It's strictly available for amateurs who have not had their work previously published yet have the amazing ability to take a great photograph without the use of any professional equipment. See the breathtaking images that were selected as winners and runners up, here. 

Grand Prize Winner, Photographer Of The Year

IPP Awards

The grand prize winner of the IPP Award 2016 went to Siyuan Niu of Xinjiang, China, who won the title of "Photographer of the Year."

The image was titled, "The Man and the Eagle" and displays a man of Khalkhas descent up close with an eagle. In the Khalkhas culture, eagles are regarded as children and and are trained for many years to hunt. Once they reach mating age, they are released into nature in order to thrive.

1st Place, Photographer Of The Year

IPPA Awards

Patryk Kuleta of Warsaw, Poland came in first place and took the titled of, "Photographer of the Year."

This photographer likes to photograph architecture and has decided to show a more impressionistic side of a modern cathedral in his image. In this way, the artist shows off his skills in photography as well as in design and painting.

2nd Place, Photographer Of The Year

IPPA Awards

In second place, is Robin Robertis from Carlsbad, California. Her image is titled, "She Bends with the Wind," and was taken with the goal of incorporating a more human aspect in nature.

3rd Place, Photographer Of The Year

IPPA Awards

Third place went to Carolyn Mara Borlenghi of Coral Gables, Florida. Her image called, "Wonderland," was taken one week before Christmas. The image shows her and her son, wearing reindeer masks while enjoying the beach.

1st Place, People Division

Bored Panda

This image, shot by Xia Zhenkai From Guangdong, China, shows a man swimming whilst holding onto big chains. In an odd contrast between freedom and slavery, this image gained amazing comments that said it belongs in a beautiful film.

1st Place, Animal Division

Bored Panda

This image of foxes congregating was taken by Erica Wu From San Francisco, California. It gained first place in the animal division in the IPP Awards as well as voted the most popular image on Bored Panda.

1st Place, Travel Division

Bored Panda

Fugen Xiao From Guangdong, China shot this photograph, which was awarded first place in the travel division this year. It shows beautiful natural light beaming through the trees while a man hunts with an animal at sunset.

2nd Place, Sunset Division

Bored Panda

This photograph was taken by Yongmei Wang From Chongqing, China and was awarded second place in the sunset division. One commenter said, "what I love about photography is when you realize that this moment was REAL somewhere. Amazing!"

1st Place, Portrait Division

Bored Panda

Dubbed first place in the portrait division, this photograph was taken by Elaine Taylor from United Kingdom. Many comments, however, indicated that the image was more so about processing than actual photography.

1st Place, Children Division

Bored Panda

K.k From Changsha, China took this image of two children playing in the snow, and it was awarded first place in the children division. This image is clean and expresses the sheer innocence that a child possess.