Rob Ferrel is an artist that's incredible to have around. He can make art out of anything! Hair, salt. You name it, he's done it! The barber by day artist by night's handle on Instagram is @robtheoriginal, and boy, is that moniker true. Check out these one of a kind creations!

Head-To-Head: Eminem V. Drake

Two of the most well-known rappers on the planet are faithfully depicted, Eminem in salt and Drake in hair! This is the one time your mom would be like, "Never clean up."

Watermelon Cheech And Chong

Heads up, Pinterest Foodies. There's a new sheriff in town, and he's asking you to up your game.

Don' Be Jelly

We can almost feel the fierceness of Prince burning out of this plate, and it's just jelly.

Don't Forget, He's A Barber

Cool to see how he goes back in during his process to refine the look so that people get the face exactly right. Even if you weren't a fan of "Breaking Bad" before, you'd probably still want this Bryan Cranston cut!

What Do You Mean?

Justin Bieber has never been caught so elegantly in so low a medium. We're glad he takes pics of these before he wipes his table "canvas" clean!

Avocado I Am

Who wouldn't invite Rob to their party if this is what he could bring? We bet people would be like, smacking chips away just so they could keep looking at it.

Lamar Odom: Dust Man

Please, neighbors of Rob, never wash your cars. If this is the result, we'd never wash our cars again.

The Doctor's In... Salt

It's amazing what Rob does out of simple table salt. It's no wonder that his website highlights his experience in drawing. This guy deserves a doctorate!

Best Cut EVER

It takes a crazy genius to even think to do this on the back of a man's head. But this portrait of Sofia Vergara is proof that the former Angeleno has trained well. He's been featured on SportsCenter, and from this fresh cut, we can understand why.

Salt Art

Working from an iPhone photo, you can see Rob here putting together an amazingly lifelike black and white rendition of The Rock.

Trim 4 Tupac

It's incredible how detailed his portrait of Tupac Shakur is when it's just made out of hair trimmings! How long does it take him to make these renditions, we wonder.

Towels For Tupac

And, as if his love for Tupac needed further proof, here's a crazy accurate portrait made just out of towels! Hey, can you help us with our artwork?

And, Lest We Forget

Tupac tortilla. Proof nothing is beyond this San Antonio based barber! No wonder he keeps getting features on national programs!

Tools Of The Trade

All he needs is access to a dremel to make even his brushes pop with flavor. It's incredible how no medium is off limits for this barber!

The Last Supper

Dust to dust, amazeballs to amazeballs. This detailed recreation of the famous painting "The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci is beyond belief. No wonder one fan exclaims: "@clipperguy Still my favorite piece of your work... ❗️🏆❤️👊"