Think you know all the ways to braid your hair? This Australian mom begs to differ. She knows countless ways, and is constantly braiding her daughter's hair for school in a way you wouldn't believe!

The Downhill Skiier

This one swerves to the right as if a skiier making its way down a majestic slope. The Dutch braids here mix with the weave to create an elegant side look. Oscar attendees, take notes!

Swapping Recipes

She got this from a fellow braider, and thought she would try it herself. We hope this means there's a giant community of braiders who all look amazing all the time. Maybe they have been all this time, but they just went undercover. Like with hats.

Seven Strand Loop

How is it so loose yet look so tight at the same time? This mom is good. She says it's a "7 strand loop braid" and "When it's a good hair day we finish it with a beautiful handmade bow!" Um, we expect to see all bows. You deserve it!

Like Girl, Like Doll

We hope her mom is wearing the same style right now, too, like little Australian nesting dolls.

Six Strand Dutch Fishtail

"Mirror, mirror on the wall: who's head's the fanciest of them all?"

"Seriously? You saw that six strand dutch fishtail, right?"

"Yeah, Mirror, you're right."

"I know. Off to school. Oh, and you got a lil somethin' right... no, no, you got it. Lookin' fly."

Pink Ribbon

It's like she's off to see the Wizard with this pink ribbon delight! And if you're wondering whether or not the color was just for a whim, know even that was design: this one is for a "pamper party" (AKA when people get together and do beauty treatments and massage treatments). This kid is living the high life!

7 Minutes From Heaven

This perfect angle created by braids forms the number seven when seen from above. We bet her teachers have the best view ever of these masterpieces!

Pass The Dutchie

These Dutch braids cross over with a great third strand pull through. No wonder it's amassed over 1800 likes on IG! Heidi, look out!

Rope Bridge

After returning to Melbourne from a trip to Sydney, she came back with this fantastic look that reminds one of the sturdiness of a rope bridge or a friendship bracelet. Stylish and strong? Man, just like a girl.

Just Like "Bunheads"

This bun look has a crossover in the back that definitely reminds us of ballet shoes. Adding to our pile of "send to friends who know a dancer" now.

Inspired By Kendall

Kendall Jenner was the inspiration for this look. She had a similar pony worn to the MTV Movie Awards (though hers, sadly, was without these fab cornrows).

Jeans For Genes

The account has become so popular that now it even helps with great social causes. This updo, for instance, has a special trinket in it. Mom explains: "💙 Today Grace proudly wears a badge on her bow for Jeans for Genes day @jeansforgenesau helping raise much needed funds into research at the Children's Medical Research Institute for birth defects and diseases! Such a great cause to donate to! 💙 #putonyourjeans #jeansforgenes #jeansforgenesau 💙"

The Grinch Who Stole This Look

Like an adorable version of Cindy Lou Who from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," this look rises up as if defying gravity. Well, it shot Taylor Momsen to fame! Hope that brings this little one luck, too!

The Charmed Princess

This beautiful looping look is fetching and yet complex to achieve. We're not sure how much hairspray goes into keeping those loose locks in place, but we're on board. Also, she does a shoutout to a fellow hair lover, @RileahDesign, who made the pink bow.

900 Styles Later...

It looks like an Easter basket or a picnic basket! Either way, we can't help loving this gorgeous 'do. And congrats on over 900 styles of braids! We never knew that was possible!