Albert Dros is an award-winning Dutch photographer, having had his work featured in some of the world's most prestigious media channels. Now, he is showing the world why you should visit the Netherlands in August, as an extremely beautiful purple flower graces the country for a mere few weeks before disappearing again. 

The Netherlands


When most people envision the Netherlands, they think of tulips and windmills, but Albert Dros goes above and beyond the cliche, photographing images that are so magnificent, one would think it were a dream.



Most who travel to the Netherlands think that the beginning and end of the country lies in Amsterdam. And while there are many stunning things to see and do in the crazy little town, there is so much more to the country that goes unappreciated.

Of late, Albert Dros's photography aims to highlight the imagery throughout the rest of the Netherlands—more specifically, the heather flowers that appear during August.

Fun Fact


Each heather flower contains 30 seeds. That means that one heather plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds per season.

Pictured, the stunning heather flowers at sunrise in front of a blanket of mist.



The heather flower blooms in late summer and are usually purple or mauve shades. They blossom throughout the whole of the Netherlands around mid-August for a short three weeks.

Tulip Season


While most travelers flock to the country to see tulips in April and May, August is a beautiful month in nature with not enough admiration.

Sun Rise


As the sun starts to rise, it creates a memorizing scene that is rich in color and an unbelievable glow.

Timed Perfectly


Slowly, the sun rises and creates this stunning contrast between light and dark. The purple heather flowers complete this picture.

Wide Open Spaces


As the majority of the country is flat, this images shows off the vastness of beauty that is available. It is any photographer's heaven.

Milky Sky


As night turns to day, this lonely tree surrounds itself with impeccable heather flowers.

Misty Layer


This misty morning creates an almost barrier between the ground and the sky. It allows the viewer to appreciate the degradation of color going from purple to blue and orange.

Albert Dros

If you'd like to see more fantastic images from Albert Dros, you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.