The work of nature photographer Daniel Kordan is truly breathtaking.


Daniel Kordan

Kordan's work in the salt flats of Bolivia are some of the most inspiring sites in his already impressive portfolio. Where does the Earth meet the sky in this sea of stars?


Daniel Kordan

The far away spaces and desolate, run down buildings within the salt flat landscapes really make them feel ethereal. How can these deserted places be real, wonders the viewer.

One Light

Daniel Kordan

For the Bolivia series, Kordan's use of light as a pinpoint against the background really adds a dimension and so much more to the photograph. Lighting grabs the attention of the viewer and creates shadows that give the necessary depth of field, so the viewer can't even realize where the ground actually begins.

Tiny Men

Daniel Kordan

Unlike a lot of artwork, the least impressive part of Kordan's work is the people within it. Compared to the rich natural background, the sparse use of people really makes the viewer feel the emptiness and magnitude of these great deserted areas.

Catching A Llama

Here, Kordan catches a llama in the wild. He writes, "Bolivia has so many beautiful places! If you are looking for wild unspoiled nature with just a few tourists around, that's a great choice of travel. This morning lamas, alpacas and flamingos were strolling just a couple of meters in front of us, and no one else was nearby at Laguna Colorada."

Patagonia's Crystal Waters

The gorgeous lake tucked away in a pocket of Patagonia has been perfectly captured here. He says, "This is extremely rare moment, when there is no wind in Patagonia..."


Here again, the stunning focal point is the sun and the man makes the space feel so vast. Even in Chile, the point of view remains true.

Finnish Solstice

While in Finland, he experienced the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. He says, "Today is the longest day in the northern hemisphere. I spend all the night enjoying infinite sunset. It's crazy to see the beautiful light for several hours in a row, when sun is rolling on horizon."

A Frozen Embrace

This is a startlingly human shot that allows the viewer to imply a story about the photo's focal point, the girl within the frame. Is she lonely? Is she isolated? Or simply resting in the midst of an incredible journey?

Fairy Tale Adventure

This looks like it could easily be the cover of a fairy tale or fantasy novel. It's actually a place in Patagonia he has hiked to in his travels.

Chilean Red Rocks

Where is he now? Atacama Desert, Chile, but he had a run in with the police who thought he was crazy to be out there to get this shot!

A Norway Celebration

"The photo is taken on Husfjellet top in northern Norway, Senja island. It's an easy 2 hours hike, but extremely spectacular, especially in the midnight sun in July."

Field Of Daisies

No wonder people adore his photos. He makes incredible views come to life! Here are some of his 400K followers' comments for here:

"amykrenciusBeautiful ♥


spicy_gulabjamunShining shot

juliahiebaumphotographySuch splendid view🌈🌟"

A Beautiful Bridge

He even makes a simple bridge look magical, beautiful, and enchanting. What a treasure Daniel Kordan is!

France's Wild Horses

Can you join in? Yes, you can! He says here, "From 25 to 29 June I welcome everyone for a stunning event: we have planned 8 photography sessions with white horses of Camargue in different locations of the park. Tour starts and ends in Marseille, we live in Camargue park." So, run while you can! Treat yourself to a great adventure (even if it's just from the comfort of Instagram).