There are a ton of places throughout the world that are hidden and should be seen. Whether for natural, political, or economic reasons, most people in the world don't have access.



Pripyat, Ukraine was abandoned two days after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. You can enter what is called “the exclusion zone,” but you are only permitted entrance if you have a loaded gun.

Mount Weather

Global Security

Virginia is a place many visit for the beautiful beaches, as well as the historic and beautiful mountains. However, one place you won’t be visiting is Mt. Weather. It is the location of the president’s bunker for when things go wrong.

Vatican Archives

Crux Now

Vatican City is a place people flock to to see the pope. They won’t be permitted to see the Vatican’s archives though. The archives are written and are said to be made up of more than 50 miles of shelving.

North Sentinel Island

Freedoms Floodgates

Located in the Andaman Islands, North Sentinel Island is inhabited by somewhere between 50 and 400 Sentilese. People are not allowed to make contact nor visit the island because it is protected by the Indian government, and local villagers are known to attack visitors.

Lascaux Caves

The Lascaux Caves are located in Southern France. There are cave paintings in the caves—some of the most incredible art from the prehistoric world. However, the CO2 exhaled by people touring the caves was destroying the delicate paintings. This caused the French government to prohibit access.

White’s Gentlemen’s Club


The English love royalty. Americans love them too. Well, White’s Gentlemen’s Club is not for your everyday man. It is exclusively for royalty and people in powerful positions.

Ise Grand Shrine

Gaijin Pot

A version of Ise Grand Shrine in Japan has been standing since 4 BC. However, only royalty is allowed into the building, which is demolished and rebuilt every 20 years.

Room 39

Gag of Day

Room 39 in North Korea is supposedly a place where a lot of illegal activities take place. Very few are permitted entrance, but it has been rumored to be a place where counterfeit and international insurance fraud operations occur.

Snake Island

Huffington Post

This off-limits spot is probably one you wouldn’t want to visit anyway. Snake Island is located just off the coast of Brazil and is home to more than 5,000 venomous snakes.

Club 33

Orlando Florida

Club 33 is located in Disneyland, California. Disneyland has catered to some of the bigger names in Hollywood in the past. Club 33 is no different. If you can pay the $25,000 initiation fee along with the $10,000 per-year club member fee, then you can join.

Area 51


This is a well-known off-limits spot. Area 51 is rumored to be a place where the United States government keeps top secret "alien” materials, as well as testing bombs and new airplanes.

Google Data Center

Business Insider

Some say this is the only place as protected as Area 51. Google’s first data center is highly guarded and definitely off limits to anyone without the proper clearances.

Menwith Hill


This is a government-run place that people are not permitted to visit. The Royal Air Force and the NSA run Menwith Hill, one of the most powerful monitoring stations in the entire world.

Coca-Cola Vault

Second Story

Coca Cola’s secret recipe has always been desirable. The recipe vault is located in Georgia. No one is permitted entrance into the vault or to view the recipe.

Metro 2

Unknown World

The Metro 2 is supposedly a secret subway underneath Moscow. It is rumored to have been built by Joseph Stalin to transport Russian secret service members and government officials.